e-motive ahead

wieder mal einen Satz gelesen: es gibt kein Tatmotiv fürs Leben.

But for e-life? why  should you  spend all that time to blog and surf for days and how do they find the time for that?
having a job,  a couple friends and going out at least once or twice a week there is still reading, the phone and television. then you answer emails and organize your life (ok, online as far as possible).

so there isn’t really much left for living an e-life. besides real life just happens to be more interesting.

I seem to lack the sense of significance. Following the elections I started twitter and got pretty bored by now.  who would care if you wouldn’t vow yourself online? eventually it’s just about not to lose track.

So, blogging out of  the fear of falling behind?

There is that little twitch when not being able to get online. Of course you know you don’t miss a thing.

Indeed I seem to worry about the heavily cited media competence: that I’m using all of it but still being able to cope without.

…maybe I should just travel more.
Dafür gibts zumindest ein starkes Tatmotiv.


Über liva2lox

bulls and bears of the absurd minds of thaddäus grotgen and some of his alter egos --- willkommen in meiner ideellen badestube! klistierspritzen für die seele - tauch’ eine weile unter die schaumkrone lauwarmer seifenfilosofie, verspür’ die erleichterung weltanschaulichen aderlassens oder salbadere bei einem ridikühlen getränk einfach mit in fremden blechzubern …hier bist du mit sicherheit.

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